Wills Lawyer Fall River

What is a Last Will and Testament? A last will and testament is something that the majority of people realize that they need, but most people don’t actually understand what it is. Essentially A Last Will and Testament gives directions that the probate court in the county that you live in use to distribute your property, assets, real estate and money at the time of your death in the manner of your choosing. A Last Will and Testament is the most basic form of estate planning and is essential for anyone who has any type of property at the time of their death to have so there property can be properly distributed to their loved ones, friends or even organization such as a charity upon the time of their death.
A Last Will and Testament, is not simply describing how you divide up your property at the time of your death, it is much more than that. Through the use of a last will and testament you can appoint an individual or more than one individual that will administer your last will and testament at the time of your death. These people are called executors or personal representatives of your state and they will deal with the probate process at the time of your death. You may also name guardians for your children or disable family members, who will assure that your property is handled in a manner of your choosing when the person that you’re giving that property to is not capable of making such decisions on their own.