Veteran's Benefits

BOTELHO LAW GROUP is based in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Rhode Island, to serve the needs Of US Military Veterans seeking to claim their veteran’s disability benefits.  We aggressively and compassionately fight for our veterans, benefits, for our military personnel who have been injured during military service. Our law firm is dedicated to fighting for veterans who suffer from being wounded in combat and during training exercises, posttraumatic stress disorder, chemical exposure and even sexual assault.

Our dedicated team will work diligently to get your claim approved or when your appeal, if you have previously filed for benefits on your own and were denied. Our professional and HIPAA compliant and trained medical staff, will review and research all your medical records and help in the preparation of the proper documentation needed for filing a claim or an appeal of a denied claim. The experience and skill of our staff is critical in obtaining the records necessary to substantiate your claim for benefits and to provide a narrative of your case to be presented in front of a judge at the Veteran’s Benefits Appeal Board.

The BOTELHO LAW GROUP represents US veterans from all branches of the US Armed Forces, including the Coast Guard, the National Guard and the Reserves. Our law firm is dedicated to representing veterans through the difficult process of veteran’s disability law. We handle our veterans cases from document preparation in the claims process, all the way through appeals in front of a judge for VA Disability Benefits. We represent US veterans at the VA regional offices located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the Board of Veterans Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (USCAVC).

BOTELHO LAW GROUP welcomes Veterans with appealed claims for individual unemployability (IU) at CAVC. Our veterans lawyers know VA’s complex rules and we fight for the highest benefits available under the law for you.

Call us for a free consultation of your case today. Our toll-free number is (888) 269-0688. We can also be reached at

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Call us for a free consultation of your case today. Our toll-free number is (855) 910-9624. We can also be reached at