Are you struggling to pay debts? Is the home you live in in foreclosure? Is your car going to be repossessed? Is your business failing and you need to have bankruptcy protection while restructuring? That’s exactly what the attorneys at the Botelho Law Group do on a daily basis. Our lawyers work to determine what the best form of bankruptcy is for each of our individual clients and the expertise to handle that bankruptcy from beginning to end. Most debtors and clients simply don’t even know which chapter in the bankruptcy code they need for their particular situation, this is why an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is a must have if your financial situation has got you to the point that bankruptcy is in your very near future or being mandated by the courts. It’s very understandable that people don’t understand the very complex choosing an experienced bankruptcy attorney is always critical when facing the situation. Experience makes it always evaluate a client’s entire financial situation and determine what the best way to resolve that situation, while preserving the debtor’s assets and future well-being.

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