Restraining Orders Lawyer Fall River

In Massachusetts literally thousands of people in the Commonwealth are falsely accused of abusing someone that they were in a relationship with, currently in a relationship with, family member or a household member and the result of which is that the criminal courts placed a restraining order against them. In our experience, mostly against the men, restraining orders are fraudulently used in order to initiate divorce proceedings, influence the judge in child custody matters and many times used by one party in a relationship after a breakup, simply to punish the other party for leaving them. None of these are the reasons behind a restraining order, but all too frequently and even in many cases, they are the reasons that restraining orders are requested.
The attorneys at the Botelho Law Group are experienced in defending our clients against fraudulently and maliciously requested 209A Restraining Orders. Our lawyers will listen to your story, evaluate the facts and devise the best possible defense possible for your particular set of facts in your restraining order proceedings. The Botelho Law group charges a flat fee for all gathering of evidence, document review, preparation, and all court appearances necessary to defend you against a 209A Restraining Order.