Harassment Prevention Lawyer Fall River

In 2010 Massachusetts enacted the Harassment Prevention Order Law (General Laws Ch. 258E) which allows victims of harassment, stalking, and sexual assault, the ability to obtain a harassment prevention order regardless of your relationship to the person who is criminally harassing you. Previously in Massachusetts the only protection you had was a restraining order under the laws of chapter 209A. the problem with restraining orders is you have to have some type of relationship, either current or past or the person must be a family member or household member to obtain a restraining order, the new laws of the harassment prevention order law does not have any such requirements.
The new harassment prevention order law allows you to get a legal order from the criminal court system to protect you from the person who is harassing you. In order to obtain a harassment prevention order, you must go to criminal court and provide evidence and proof that the person in question is actually harassing you in order to receive this form of protection.
The Massachusetts Harassment Prevention Order Law defines harassment as one of the following:
1. Three or more acts of willful and malicious conduct aimed at a specific person committed with the intent to cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property and that does in fact cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property, or
2. A single act that by force, threat, or duress causes another to involuntarily engage in sexual relations, or
3. A single act that constitutes one of 12 enumerated crimes involving sexual assault, stalking or harassment.
The lawyers at the Botelho Law Group are experienced in obtaining harassment prevention orders for our clients, by proving to the courts the facts necessary to obtain a harassment prevention order. We are were well aware that the perpetrator of the harassment against you will most times attempt to lie to and manipulate the court into believing that you are not being truthful about what you are claiming, our attorneys are able to prove their behavior to the court and obtain justice for our clients, through the use of a harassment prevention order.
The Botelho Law group charges a flat fee for all gathering of evidence, document review, preparation, and all court appearances necessary to defend you against a Harassment Prevention Order (General Laws Ch. 258E).