Show Cause Hearings

In Massachusetts if you are accused of committing a crime, which is defined as a misdemeanor and not a felony, plus you were not arrested, you have the right to what is called a “show cause hearing”. A show cause hearing is held in district criminal court and conducted by a clerk magistrate, in order to determine if there is probable cause that you committed a crime.
Floor offices of the Botelho Law Group represent clients in these “show cause” hearings. Our attorneys have years of experience representing our clients in these magistrate hearings throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and will develop the best possible strategy to defend you in your hearing, so you may have the charges against you dismissed. We will conduct an investigation, obtain evidence and listen to your testimony in order to develop the best possible strategy for your hearing.
The Botelho Law group charges a flat fee for all gathering of evidence, document review, preparation, and all court appearances necessary to defend you in your “show cause” hearing.