Citizenship Lawyer Fall River

When you are attempting to seek citizenship in the United States, our lawyers can make the process much easier for you. The attorneys at the Botelho Law Group are determined and experienced in helping you obtain your citizenship. We take the time to explain the entire process to you, going over all the steps and requirements, helping you fill out all necessary paperwork and applications and walk you through the entire process from beginning to and in obtaining your citizenship. Many people who attempt to apply for citizenship alone get trapped in the bureaucracy and numerous steps and forms to be filled out. Let the experienced lawyers of our firm help guide you through the difficult process of obtaining citizenship.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the entire US citizenship application process. We shall help you completely fill out and prepare all necessary paperwork and applications. We will help you with the practical aspects of the interview process to obtain citizenship. We will provide you with materials that will help you prepare for your citizen in English competency examinations of the citizenship application process. Finally we shall collect all required documentation and materials that will be necessary to provide the US Immigration Department in order to obtain your citizenship.

We also offer assistance in obtaining Derivative Citizenship. Derivative citizenship is obtained when you have a relationship with a US resident or citizen. The types of relationship that are required are spouse, child, parent, sibling or adoptee. Even though the process may seem easier than obtaining traditional citizenship, the simple truth it’s never you easy dealing with the US government.