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For entities within all industries and of all sizes; Botelho Law Group handles business formation, litigation and representation.

We handle debt collections, business sales, obtainment of licensing and permits, contract revision and drafting and other legal documentation.

The Botelho Law Group offers a number of services to business owners ranging from business formation, contracts for your business obtaining licenses and permits, debt collection for your business, selling a business and general business litigation.

If you are going into business for yourself or already have an established business, then you need a law firm that will help you with all your legal needs for your business. Our law firm can help you with the startup and formation and registration of a new business entity, such as a Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Limited Liability Partnership.

Too many businesses in the US operate under a DBA or doing business as, which subjects the owner of the business to any liability that your company may encounter, such as lawsuits and debts. Most people are mistaken in believing that their type of business does not subject them to the liability that most businesses suffer from, but the simple fact is all businesses can be sued in all business debts can be placed upon the owner if you do not have the proper business entity for protection.

Our professional, well informed team provides a range of legal assistance


Litigation resulting from a business and customer dispute, to preparing the proper demand letter and filing of a lawsuit in either District or Superior Court.


Start a new business, business entity formation (Inc., LLC or LLP), selling a business, taking on new partners or shareholders.



Drafting contracts and reviewing contracts with other businesses, vendors, manufacturers, distributors and customers.

business lawyers
business lawyers

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