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Contempt is when one party in Family Court does not follow a court order and a motion for contempt is files in Family Court to handle the issue. Common issues that arise are nonpayment of support, not following rules for visitation and not adhering to judgments or temporary orders of the court. Many times when you must file a motion for contempt in Family Court, we usually include a motion for attorney’s fees, as you should not be paying to go to court because your spouse is not following a court judgment or temporary orders.

Modifications are used in Family Court to modify a previous order or judgment. It is important to realize that many issues after a divorce judgment has been recognized by the court, are not able to be modified, such as the division of assets or other issues pertaining to money. Although, issues pertaining to child custody and child support are always open for modification, but this will always depend on a particular set of facts and circumstances which must arise before a modification of the previous order or judgment is made.