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  Protect Your Home from Foreclosure with the Expertise of the Botelho Group in Massachusetts At the Botelho Group, we understand that facing foreclosure is a deeply personal and challenging situation. Unlike other companies, we offer a unique, tailored approach...

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Massachusetts Eviction Basics

Eviction Lawyers in Fall River MA The lawyers at Botelho Law Group have over 20 years of experience with eviction law & the legal and practical experience needed to solve your eviction issue. Hire the best Eviction Lawyers in Fall River MA today! The eviction...

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Basics of US Citizenship

  Citizenship A green card provides the right to work in the United States and a path to citizenship, but there are additional steps that must be taken to become a full fledged citizen. Some immigrants choose to continuously renew their green cards, rather than...

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Green Card Basics

    The term green card refers to permanent resident status in the United States, with a path towards citizenship. They’re sought after by people from all over the World that are seeking greater economic opportunity and/or to reunite with family members that...

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Choosing the Right Immigration Lawyer

  Whether you’re looking to work, study or permanently immigrate to the United States, the Botelho Law Group can assist you through the entire process. Our experienced immigration attorneys at our offices in Fall River and Providence will help you achieve your...

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The Basics of Probating A Will In Massachusetts

  If you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one in Massachusetts, you may be wondering what steps you should take to distribute their assets. The probate process will be required if the person had a will or died intestate, unless they had an estate plan where all of...

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The Basics of a Last Will and Testament

  Creating a last will and testament is an important step you can take to make sure that your assets go to the people you’d like them to after your death. You don’t need substantial assets to benefit from having a will that memorializes your wishes for your...

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