Currently my husband and I are separated and will be going through a divorce shortly. I recently found out that I car, which had both our names on it, has had my name taken off the title and now only his name is on the title. Can he legally take my name off the title of a car that I legally owned, just because were separated?


No, your husband cannot take your name off of any piece of property that you own. This is not only can cause severe problems for him in Family Court, this could possibly be a criminal action in criminal court. Obviously there was fraud committed by your husband which is both a criminal and civil violation. For your name to be taken off the title, you would have needed to sign the title in order to remove it and in most states you would’ve also had to sign the bill of sale. Since you didn’t sign either of these documents, your husband must of signed your name illegally and thus will be held accountable in both Family Court and criminal court. The first thing I would do in your situation was to obtain the services of an experienced family law attorney. Express family law attorney would not only file a motion with the FAMILY COURT, begin your divorce process, your attorney would also file a motion to have a criminal complaint based on the facts heard by the criminal court. With this type of behavior, you certainly want to jump on your divorce sooner than later, could it seems that your ex-husband or soon-to-be ex-husband, will go to any lengths to screw you out of what is rightfully yours. Do not wait on the situation, as I assure you it will only get worse.
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