This morning’s commute the traffic flow going into Boston Massachusetts was approximately 45 mph on Interstate 95. As happens very often in Boston traffic, all the cars in front of me came to a complete stop, except the car behind me. The car behind me hit me full speed, which pushed my car into the car in front of me, who was stopped, as I was also. No one in the accident was seriously injured, although the driver of my car which was my 18-year-old daughter had passed out and I had to revive her after the accident. We waited for the state trooper to come and move us to the side of the interstate to get our information. The state trooper began taking his report with the car in front of me then by the time he got to me the driver in the car behind us was no longer in his vehicle. The driver must’ve left on foot, as there is no other way he could’ve left the scene. When I’m worried about now is that I did not get the opportunity to exchange information with the other drivers because I was comforting my daughter after the accident. I have no idea what to do at this point, it’s been four hours since the accident and my neck and back are beginning to ache.


You need not worry about the information of the driver in front of you, as the police officer or state trooper would have obtained this information when they interviewed the driver. The biggest problem is who was driving the car behind you? The state trooper will have the registration information for the car, which will also contain the information for the person who owns the car. Although most situations where a person leaves the scene of an accident, by leaving their car behind, most likely doesn’t own the car. Another reason why this may have occurred, was a person in the car behind you knew that they were drunk and left the scene because they did not want to get arrested. Hopefully the owner of the car was the person driving and the fact that they left the scene can only help your personal injury case. What you need to do now is go to to the hospital and get examined by doctors and make an appointment with your chiropractor. At my Laura office we always use the same chiropractor, as he fills out the information paperwork in a way that supports our personal injury claim. The next step, would be to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney and file an insurance claim. Also you are going to want to obtain an accident report from the state trooper’s office, as it’s important to find out the information that the troopers obtained in their interviews.


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