Many people ask me what they should do to choose the best bankruptcy lawyer to handle their case, the question is not as easy to answer as you would believe. First of all, going by price is certainly the wrong place to start. It is completely understandable that someone who’s facing bankruptcy, would have money as a concern, this would be obvious. But the simple fact remains, that not all lawyers are as experienced and knowledgeable as other lawyers. You wouldn’t search for a doctor based on price, the same goes for attorneys and lawyers, they should be chosen on their level of experience and expertise. I hear all the time from people, that my bankruptcy case is easy so I’m just looking for the cheapest lawyer possible. I always ask them, and what experienced attorney evaluated your case to tell you that it would be a simple one, so you could use the cheapest attorney available? The simple fact is there are numerous different circumstances in people’s financial affairs that need to be closely evaluated by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer before deciding on a course of action. There are number of different motions that can be filed, that are outside the scope of the usual bankruptcy attorney client relationship. The vast majority of attorneys to file bankruptcy, simply file chapter 7 and do not have the skill or knowledge to use any of the motions available in chapter 7 bankruptcy. Furthermore most bankruptcy lawyers do not file chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and will always guide you to filing the type of bankruptcy they know how to do the paperwork for. I have had more than one client lose a house because they went to a bankruptcy attorney that simply did not have the knowledge to completely evaluate their particular situation and actually talked them into losing their house, when I could’ve saved the house for them in their situation. You should never attempt to evaluate your particular legal situation unless you are an experienced attorney, because if you’re not an attorney how do you know what a simple case is or what a difficult cases. There are so many different situations that need to be analyzed prior to filing for bankruptcy and I see a large number of our clients, have lost thousands of dollars or their homes due to the simple fact they chose an attorney on price and not on experience.

Choosing an attorney should be as serious a decision you’re making as choosing a doctor, you would never look for a doctor based on how cheap they are, you always look for experience. The same thing can always be said about attorneys, you should always choose an attorney to handle your particular legal situation based on their knowledge and expertise in that area of law, not by the price they choose to charge their clients.

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