I went to a local plastic surgeon Dr.’s office, where two separate plastic surgeons performed facial and breasts procedures on me, which both went horribly wrong. The facial surgeon has also made multiple sexual advances towards me and then subsequently threatened me if I were to disclose that to anyone. I believe that he is a sexual predator. The facial surgeon also failed to diagnose infection caused by the surgery to my face, which subsequently led to my face being permanently scarred. I have horrible scars resulting from the surgeries. What the doctors spoke to me about during the initial consultations is not what was performed during the procedures I had done. This nightmare has left me both physically and emotionally damaged. I’m also under the belief that the other partners at the doctors office know of my doctors sexual advances towards female clients and have done nothing about it. I am very scared of this man, as he has made several threats to me if I were to tell anybody about his sexual advances. I’m scared of him because he’s been in trouble with the law before after breaking and entering into a medical facility to steal drugs. At this point I will be required to have several surgeries to repair some of the scarring to my face, but much of the damage to my skin is permanent. Do you feel that I have a chance with my case? Should I file a personal injury lawsuit instead? Is the sexual misconduct separate from the personal injury? What should I do?


First of all, you do certainly have a case of medical malpractice. Even though medical malpractice cases are often expensive and difficult to litigate, you can’t simply choose to go to a personal injury attorney. Medical malpractice, is in fact a form of personal injury, but it needs to be handle as medical malpractice. Your question doesn’t describe any of the problems with your breast augmentation surgery, so I cannot remark upon that situation. The simple fact the you had plastic surgery to your face, which subsequently caused an infection that was not diagnosed by your doctor and the result was permanent facial scarring, you certainly have a medical malpractice case. As far as his sexual advances towards you, you may have a case against that doctor in particular or the entire firm if they’re aware of his behavior. This is also a matter that should be addressed to the registration board for medical professionals, to assure that this doctor does not do this to another patient.
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