What Is the 341 Meeting of Creditors?  What types of questions will you be asked by the bankruptcy trustee?


The meeting is part of the bankruptcy process, which is handled outside the presence of a judge and all bankruptcy petitioners must attend. These are usually scheduled between 21 in 50 days after your bankruptcy petition has been filed. These meetings are handled by the bankruptcy trustee. These meetings allow the United States trustee to review your petition and schedules, by asking you a series of questions. There are many questions you may be asked at a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, 341 Meeting of Creditors, by a Bankruptcy Trustee. Depending on which trustee you get, these questions may vary. But, here is a list of the most common questions asked. Always remember to bring your Social Security card and your drivers license, or any official documentation that contain that information.

1. Your attorney is going to show you a piece of paper filed for your electronic signature, is that signature yours?
2. Full legal name, Social Security number, and your current address.
3. Did you personally provide all of the information in your petition and schedules?
4. Is all the information in your bankruptcy petition accurate and complete?
5. Did you list all your assets and creditors in your bankruptcy petition?
6. Did you sign your bankruptcy petition and all corresponding documents?
7. Did you read the entire bankruptcy petition and schedules before signing?
8. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy in the past and if so, when?
9. Are you personally familiar with all of the information you provided in your bankruptcy petition?
10. Is all the information listed in your bankruptcy petition and statements?
11. Are there any errors on your bankruptcy petition that you are aware of?
12. Is there anything you’d like to change on your bankruptcy petition now?
13. Have you listed all of your assets on your petition and schedules?
14. Have you correctly listed all of your creditors in your petition?
15. The tax return that was provided with your bankruptcy petition accurate and correct?
16. Do you pay child support or alimony, or any other domestic support obligations?
17. Are you current on all your domestic support obligations since you filed for bankruptcy?
18. Have you file all of your required past tax returns, within the last four years?
19. I are expecting to receive a refund on your previously filed tax returns?
20. Did your attorney describes you both chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
21. Did your attorney explained to you how bankruptcy will affect your credit score?
22. Have you repay any friends or family members, within the last year, for any debts she may have had with them?
23. What situation occurred therefore to file bankruptcy?
24. How did you get a dollar amounts for your personal property listed in your schedules?
25. I will pay hourly or do you receive a salary? How much do you make per hour or how much is your salary?
26. Do you own any real estate or have any outstanding mortgages on real estate?
27. In the past two years have you made any substantial transfers to anyone, friends, or family?
28. Is anyone holding any property for you?
29. Do you have a potential lawsuit against anyone, such as an automobile accident or slip and fall case?
30. Have you inherited anything from anyone or are you about to inherit something from someone?
31. Are you the beneficiary or the trustee of a trust?
32. Are you self-employed or own a business?
33. Have you transferred any property or money, to anyone within the last year?


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