Bedbugs are a very hot topic in discrimination and eviction law. It was your landlord’s duty to inform you that the apartment that he was renting to you was infested with bedbugs and it was his responsibility to have fumigated the entire building three times prior to renting it to any new tenants. Any financial damages, including medical expenses that you have incurred, are completely the obligation of your landlord to pay. This is a fair housing violation and a violation of your civil rights, due to the fact that you do not have quiet enjoyment of the property that you are renting and living in. For this to be a civil rights violation, you must fit into one or more of the protected groups covered under the civil rights laws. These groups consist of people who belong to a protected group such as: gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, gender identity, nationality, race, and national origin (there are others, but this is the main set of groups). If you feel you are being treated differently because of being a member of one of these protected groups, which is discrimination and is a violation of your civil rights under civil rights law. Luckily you live in Fall River Massachusetts, and can simply contact our law office and we will handle this matter for you. If you live outside of New England, we can refer you to our expert in this subject matter namely the offices of Lacefield and Coleman. If you were to Google the name of Lacefield and Coleman and civil rights or fair housing, you’ll find their website or if you can’t simply contact my office and I’ll put you in contact with them.
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