At my current job I am paid $61,000 per year, but men at my job are paid between $80,000-$100,000 for doing the exact same job.

Answer: you certainly sound like you have a case for discrimination with the fact you have provided. There are a few considerations that need to be addressed before discrimination can be ascertained. How long have the people who are making substantially more money than you working there and were they fired or laid off? If you are a woman or a member of any particular protected group (look for protected groups within my website or contact me directly if you’re not sure what they are) and are treated differently such as being paid significantly less, then yes you are being discriminated against and this is a violation of your civil rights. If the other people were working substantially longer than you and started at the same pay rate as you and obtained higher salaries due to raises and sonority, then this is not discrimination. But if you start of the jobs and were paid differently from the beginning and were treated differently throughout your employment, this is certainly job discrimination. The sheer difference in the amount of pay for men and women at the employer you’re talking about, is obvious sex discrimination. This would be a case that we would certainly take in our law firm and file with the proper government agencies.

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