Social Security Lawyers Fall River, MA

Botelho Law Group handles your Social Security disability claim with Best Social Security Lawyers In Fall River Ma. We will greatly increase your chances of obtaining your benefits. Contact us for a free consultation.

Thinking about filing a Social Security case? Then you should certainly have an experienced Social Security lawyer working for you. At the Botelho Law Group you pay nothing up front and we only get paid if we receive a settlement for you. The laws regulate disability attorneys and the fees they can charge are very straightforward, a lawyer only receives the lesser of 25% of your disability settlement or a maximum of $6000, whichever is smaller. But considering the complexity of the Social Security laws, it is in your best interest to hire a Social Security lawyer. It is a little-known fact, even though many people attempt to apply for Social Security disability benefits that over 75% of all people who attempt to apply for Social Security disability benefits without the assistance of a lawyer are denied and over 85% of those who apply for Social Security disability benefits with a lawyer are approved. So are serious advantages to having a Social Security disability attorney on your side.

One of the most important reasons for having the Botelho Law Group handle your Social Security disability claim is we will greatly increase your chances of obtaining your Social Security disability benefits. Although it’s true that some people do in fact apply for their benefits themselves, the simple truth of the matter is more than 75% are not approved when they apply on their own and over 85% who apply with the assistance of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer are approved. The attorneys at the Botelho Law Group will help you through your initial application, all the way to your hearing with Social Security and finally finish up the process for you. Our attorneys will provide the most beneficial information to help determine when your initial disability date is set and argue on your behalf with Social Security on your different disabilities. Our attorneys will provide persuasive arguments to the Social Security hearing board and place your case in the best light, using information you provide and medical information provided by your doctor. We shall draft a detailed brief to the Social Security board and will also prepare you to answer any of the questions presented to you during your Social Security disability benefits hearing.

Many law firms will tell you to contact them after you’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits, but not at the Botelho Law Group. The reason most lawyers want you to be denied first, is it starts the clock running in the compensation for the attorney will be based on when you are disabled and how many weeks and months before you are accepted for benefits. Simply stated, most attorneys want you to fail just to increase the fee they received by letting enough time go by that they can receive the maximum benefit allowed by Social Security. At the Botelho Law Group, we know you need your money now and will help you through the initial stages, to filing for your benefits and represent you at your hearing. We will help you from beginning to and, and do not require that you have been denied Social Security disability benefits.