I was married for over 25 years in my divorce battle was horrible. My ex-husband, a local pastor had an affair in front of the entire congregation and his three daughters. Through the divorce I was able to receive some.4 for six months, but was never financially able to pay a lawyer to fight for alimony or 50% of the businesses that I helped him start, which is still in operation today. His company has grown very much and he’s making a lot of money and I want to know if I can go back and get alimony?


The simple answer to this question is no, once your divorce is final and made into a court order things such as alimony can no longer before in court. If certain circumstances change such that would affect child custody or child support, you can go back and modify these particulars due to change of circumstances. But once a divorce is final, and your ex happens to be doing financially better than they were in the past and you feel you should get more money now, the divorce is final and you will no longer be able to take another bite out of the same Apple. This is why it is critical to always have an experienced divorce attorney working on your side, even if you can’t afford one that may mean you’re in a situation where your spouse should be paying for your attorney. Many people don’t even realize that much of the attorneys fees that my law office collects for our clients, are paid by their spouse. Obviously this only happens in a circumstance where your spouse may six significantly more money than you and you haven’t done something that would make it so the judge wouldn’t allow this type of motion. But if you’re in a situation where you cannot pay for divorce lawyer in your again in divorce and your spouse has a lot of money, most likely we’d be able to get the money to pay your legal fees through your spouse. With that said, you do not get to relitigate the case after it is closed. Once a divorce is final anything that was a matter of the divorce will no longer be able to be litigated after the fact. This is why it is so important for you to always seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney, because you’re going to through a divorce and are simply not emotionally or mentally in a place where you should be making rational decisions. You need someone who can look objectively at your entire situation and provide you with at least an assessment of what you’re going to be dealing with and find out how they would proceed.

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