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Visa Applications Lawyer Fall River

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa Types

Residents of other countries seeking to enter the United States must do so by obtaining a visa. There are two different types of visas you can apply for: immigrant and non-immigrant. For those people who wish to move to the United States and become a permanent resident and eventually a citizen, will apply for an immigration visa. Those people who are coming to United States for certain purpose in mind, such as a vacation, student or employment purposes will need to apply for a non-immigrant visa.


For those not already living in the United States, can apply for visa and become legal immigrants once they pass the point of entry, example of which would be an airport customs area. Although, certain aliens that are already living within the United States may also apply for an immigrant visa.


Non-immigrant visas are divided into 19 main categories. Main categories are given designation based on a letter:

A = diplomats
B = visitors for business and pleasure
C = aliens in transit
D = crew members
E = treating traders and investors
F = students
G = international organization representatives
H = temporary workers
I = foreign media representatives
M = students and nonacademic situations
N = parents and children of special immigrants
O = aliens with extraordinary abilities
P = entertainers
Q = cultural exchange program participants
R = religious workers