I have been renting from my previous landlord for a number of years and have a lease, the home was recently sold and the new landlord is attempting to evict me. I have never failed to make any payments of rent or done anything to violate my lease, I still have six months on my present lease. Can you fix me simply because he just purchased the house?

Answer: no, your landlord cannot evict you simply because he just purchased the property. When you purchase a property, you are bound to any leases or contracts associated with that property when you purchase it. If you is not aware of the lease, he can go sue the person he bought the house from, but he has no legal right to evict you. A lease is a legally binding contract and cannot be broken simply because a new person now owns the premises you live in. The only time that this is not the case, is if the new landlord had purchased the property at a foreclosure sale. In a foreclosure sale, all leases become null and void and you become a tenant at will at that point. Simply put you become a month-to-month tenant and what ever laws are available to evict in a month-to-month tenant, the landlord can use those to evict you.


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