To figure out how you know you’re being discriminated against, we must first understand what discrimination is. Discrimination is basically when you are treated differently based on being a member of their particular protective group. The protected groups for discrimination race, color, religion, sexual orientation, ancestry, sex, gender identity, age, disability, marital status, children, veteran status and national origin. If you are a member of one of the preceding groups and feel that you are being treated differently based on your membership status of that group, then you are probably being discriminated against. There are many forms of discrimination and discrimination happens in many areas of our lives. The areas of discrimination that our law firm mainly handles are housing and employment.

Housing discrimination is basically if you feel that you have been treated differently because of your membership in one of the protected classes pertaining to the renting of any form of housing. This doesn’t simply mean an apartment complex; it could be the renting of a town house in a gated community, as discrimination does not happen only to the poor. If you are denied a rental application based on being a member of protected group that would be considered discrimination. If you are someone who has made a complaint and it is not being handled in the proper manner and you believe this has to do with your memberships one of the protected groups, this could also be considered discrimination, one of the most common is not taking care of a bedbug situation.

Employment discrimination comes in many different shapes and forms, from being denied a job based on being a member of a particular protected group or by the way you are treated while being employed. Many of our clients come to us describing a particular situation and never even realized that what they’re discussing is discrimination. If you are being treated differently in an office simply because you’re a female, this is discrimination; you do not need to be sexually harassed to be discriminated against, although that is another form of discrimination.

If you feel you are the victim of a form of discrimination in either housing or employment, please give all our office is the call for a free consultation and we will be able to discern if the situation that you find yourself in his a form of discrimination.

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