SSI Lawyer Fall River

Supplemental Security Income

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, which is funded by a federal program that is given to applicants on a as needed basis, this is determined by a review of your income and assets to determine your ability to receive these Social Security disability benefits. SSI is a means tested program, which means that your work history is not relevant in the application for these Social Security benefits. Benefits are determined on a strict financial need basis, not your previous work history. In order for an applicant to be approved for SSI benefits, the applicant must have $2000 or less in assets, $3000 or less for couples and also little to no income.

People who are eligible to receive Social Security disability income through SSI are also able to receive Medicaid in their particular state of residence. The vast majority of applicants who qualify for SSI Social Security disability benefits will also qualify for other government entitlements such as food stamps and other benefits. The amount that they will receive is based on the disabled person’s area that they live, and the amount of income that they have. Social Security disability income through SSI benefits begins the first month you file your application for acceptance.

The attorneys at the Botelho Law Group are experienced in helping you fill out your Social Security disability benefits for SSI, we will draft a brief to be presented with your SSI application putting your case in the most favorable light using information provided by you and your doctor, to offer you the very best chance of success in obtaining your Social Security disability SSI benefits. As most law firms to require you to have already been denied for SSI benefits, the law firm of the Botelho Law Group will handle your case even if you have not been denied benefits.