Me and my ex husband filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2010, with a bankruptcy discharge in 2013. We got divorced in 2012, I gave him the house and signed over the quit claim deed in 2015. What happens if he sells the house and makes a profit, do I have a right to any of that money? Now that our bankruptcy is over, he got to keep the house and gets to live in it, do I get any money if he sells it?



Now that your divorce is finalized, you can no longer profit from any assets that you relinquished in the divorce. The fax to your presented to me pertaining to your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, have no bearing on the divorce matter. In your divorce agreement, you state that you relinquished ownership of the house to your husband, which ends the issue of the home. Once you make an agreement and is finalized by the court, that’s it, you no longer have any rights to property that has been divided in a divorce that is over five years old. Actually, once divorce is finalized and judgment is entered, you no longer have any rights to that property. Regardless if your husband ends up selling the home and making a profit, has no bearing on this issue, as the final divorce judgement would have covered the home and your rights to it.

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